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It was a long winter here in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, but the E-Power Marketing team is thawing out and ready for a beautiful spring! As the weather warms up and the ice on Lake Winnebago breaks up, our Online Marketing agency is in the Spring Cleaning mood! While there’s never a bad time to review your efforts, Spring is the perfect time to take a hard look at your website and SEO campaign to see what can be improved for the coming year. Here, we’ve put together a checklist that our team uses to evaluate how a website is doing and how it can be improved. Where could your website use some work?

Accessibility Issues – If search engines, or searchers can’t access all of your website, you’re in trouble. The E-Power team reviews a number of factors to make sure a website’s accessibility isn’t a problem.

Site Architecture – How your website is organized and how easy it is to navigate are key factors in its success. Our Technical SEO team reviews the overall structure of a website as well as the linking configuration and other technical details

Broken Links – How many broken links are there on your website? Page Not Found errors are frustrating for visitors and can negatively impact your search visibility. Getting these cleaned up is important!

Content Check – From duplicate content to not enough content to poorly written content, a website is dependent upon well written, well optimized content. The E-Power team includes copywriters and content strategists that understand what a website needs, content-wise, for growth and maximum benefit. We often review a website’s content and make recommendations not only for improving what is already online, but we also develop a content strategy to help grow the website for better organic search visibility.

HTML Markup – From Meta Data to optimized images to outbound links, the SEO team at E-Power Marketing evaluates the code and HTML Markup of a website to determine additional optimization opportunities and to identify any problem areas that could be holding a site back.

Offsite Ranking Factors – With over 200 pieces to the Google Algorithm puzzle, there are a number of Offsite Ranking Factors to consider. From your brand’s link profile to Social Media strategy to its popularity and trustworthiness, the E-Power team reviews offsite factors, as well.

Site Health Check – For our clients, we use both Bing and Google Webmaster Tools to get a better understanding of how the search engines are interpreting and responding to websites. Do you have accounts set up for your site? They are free and SO useful!

Check in with Site Visitors – While we can’t chat with all of a website’s visitors, we can analyze how they are using the site and determine what is working for them, and what’s not. Our Google Analytics certified professionals regularly dig into our client’s Analytics data to look for optimization opportunities and more!

Search Engine Penalties – While none of E-Power’s clients have ever been hit by a search engine penalty because of our work on a website, we often get potential clients calling after they’ve been hit. The E-Power team can review a website that has been hit and offer the best options for regaining organic search visibility. We also work with brands to warn them of a looming search engine penalty, to avoid the punishment in the first place.
We hope this information is helpful in allowing you to evaluate your website this Spring, and we’d be happy to talk more with you about any specific issues or problems you’re having with Online Marketing! To take it a step further and really get your website in shape for summer, let our team of professionals analyze your website and offer our best tips and recommendations for Spring Cleaning your Website, today!

Author Bio:
Adrian Bredeson - Director, SEO and Social Media
I have been part of the E-Power Marketing team for 5 years, and I'm currently a Search Engine Marketing Specialist, focusing on Organic Search, Social Media, Local Search & Reputation Management. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse with degrees in both Public Relations/Organizational Communications as well as Psychology. I have earned certifications through both SEO College and Google Analytics. Follow me on Google+



With everyone discussing the benefits and advantages of Social Media, it’s easy for brands to get caught up in the excitement. With so many opportunities to reach new fans and the chance to turn followers into brand evangelists, Social Media can seem like uncharted territory where brands need to quickly claim their place. While Social Media does provide an unparalleled sense of opportunity, it’s important to choose your channels carefully, so that your messaging is well received and your time and resources are invested wisely.

We have long recognized the possibilities Social Media presents for brands. As professionals specializing in Social Media, we have also come to understand how important it is to first strategize your Social Media presence before committing to various channels. Here, we share our insight into how we choose the right Social Media channels for our clients.

  • What Social Networks do our clients’ audiences use?
    • We look at the demographic data of each channel.
    • We explore ongoing conversations about a brand and their products.
  • How much time does the client have to invest in Social Media?
    • Various channels require different time and resource commitments.
  • What content types will be used on the Social channels?
    • Content, video and images are all important pieces of the puzzle, and knowing what will be available helps us select the most appropriate channels.
  • Who are the clients’ target audience?
    • Whether a company is B2B or B2C makes a huge difference in our recommendations.
  • Does the company have any sort of Social Media presence already?
    • Evaluating existing profiles helps E-Power understand what channels are working and which need to be overhauled.
  • What are the clients’ end goals?
    • Measuring the effectiveness of a Social Media program is important to the E-Power team, and to be able to do that efficiently, we need to understand the client’s goals from the start.
    • Different channels are better for achieving different goals, as well.

Too often, we see clients jump into a Social Media program head first, taking on too many channels without a concrete strategy or sustainable content creation and management plan. Taking the time to evaluate a client’s goals and resources, and weighing those factors against the pro’s and con’s of various Social Media channels allows E-Power to create optimized, integrated Social Media plans that are not only sustainable in the long term, but also deliver the results and opportunities our clients expect.

For more information on our Social Media programs or to get our recommendations on your Social Media strategy, please contact E-Power Marketing today!


Friday, February 28, 2014


Many Social Media channels have put an emphasis on visuals in the past, but photos, videos, GIFs and Infographics are bigger now on Social than ever before. When looking at newer Social platforms, such as Pinterest, Instagram, Vine and Snap Chat, it's clear that visual is the way Social Media are heading. So why is using graphics on Social Media such a big deal? Because they grab your attention, are highly engaging and help your brand tell a story. Don't let your brand get left in the dust! Take a look at our Infographic to see for yourself how visual Social Media have become:

An active Social Media presence is an important piece of the online marketing puzzle, but constant changes can make it hard for brands to keep up. For help staying current with these changes and to make Social Media really work for your brand, contact the experts at E-Power Marketing®!