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Monday, July 28, 2014


Last week, I sat on a #UWOSocial panel, discussing Social Media with staff and faculty from UW-Oshkosh. The attendees had lots of great questions, and were really focused on how they could be better using the various social media channels to benefit their departments and audiences.  One of the most prevalent themes of the day was choosing the right platform and driving engagement. As the discussions continued and other panelists weighed in, it was clear to see that the issues and questions this group had was not specific to Social Media use for higher education. Brands of all sizes, from B2B to B2C struggle with these issues, and a lot of great points were raised, with helpful advice.

As the Social Media world evolves, brands across industries need to strengthen their Social Media presences to keep up. As an integrated Online Marketing agency with a dedicated Social Media team, we clearly see the benefits in partnering with specialists to make the most of your Social Media budgets, however, even when that's not an option, investing in an active, engaged Social Media strategy is important. For more tips and information on using Social for your brand, check out all our recent Social Media blog posts, or contact E-Power Marketing for more information on how we can help your brand succeed!

Author Bio:
Adrian Bredeson - Director, SEO and Social Media
I am an experienced Online Marketing specialist with a background in Public Relations, Psychology, and Organizational Communications. As Director, SEO and Social Media at E-Power Marketing, I specialize in organic Online Marketing and Social Media, as well as Branding, Content Strategy and Local Search Marketing. I am committed to working with and for my clients to achieve long lasting digital success. Since 2008, I have been part of the E-Power team, strategizing and implementing integrated Online Marketing programs that drive real results. I have earned certifications through both SEO College and Google Analytics. Follow me on Google+



Search Stats
Why worry about Search Marketing? Easy! 96% (yes, that's right 96%) of consumers worldwide indicated that they researched brands, products or services on the internet, and 89% of those relied on search engines to help make their purchasing decisions. (2012 Digital Influence Survey – Fleishman-Hillard and Harris Interactive) Every month there are BILLIONS of searches conducted. You simply cannot ignore those types of numbers.

All too often Search Marketing is put into its own little silo. Sometimes it gets to join other Paid, Social and Public Relations initiatives, but that's not always the case. Yet this is exactly where the problem lies. Search Marketing not only provides you success in the online world, but also can be fueled to maximize the effectiveness of your organization's complete Marketing strategy - All the way down to how products are named, categorized or even perceived.

Search Marketing data provides you with the information that lets you know exactly what your audience is searching for. What they are calling your product or a competitor's service, along with what other information they are looking for. By taking advantage of this research you can fine tune your Marketing strategy to match your audience.

Your search data now has become an essential tool for not only your Online Marketing campaigns but for your brand's Marketing strategy, your website redesign, your next product launch, your TV and print media, etc. Are consumers regularly searching for videos on your product? If yes, then you need to make sure YouTube and other video sharing programs are included in your marketing strategy. If potential customers are regularly doing comparisons of your product or service against competitors, create content targeting those searching related phrases to gain an advantage over your competition.

The power of Search is in how you use the data. Where else can you directly learn what your audience is searching for? Once you know what they are searching for, tailor your Marketing and Brand strategies to meet your audience's needs. Do that and your business can begin to take their Search Marketing program to the next level.

Author Bio:
Andrea Schultz - Vice President, Online Marketing
I have been working in online marketing for more than 12 years specializing in organic search engine optimization and social media marketing.  I graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh with a Bachelor of Business Administration, majoring in both Marketing and Management Information Systems and completed certification in Advanced Search Engine Strategies from Search Engine Workshops LLC in 2004. I am certified in Search and Display Advertising with Google AdWords as well as a Google Analytics Qualified Individual. I look forward to discussing online marketing with everyone! Follow me on Google+

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Another year of SMX Advanced has come and gone. This year two of E-Power Marketing's team members attended the conference in Seattle and came back with a wealth of knowledge and ideas!

SMX Advanced is a two day conference specifically intended for experienced internet marketers. Industry experts from around the world share their advanced knowledge via Q&A sessions, presentations and networking opportunities. Various aspects of Search Engine Marketing are discussed, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Mobile Marketing, Local Search Marketing, Paid Advertising and Social Media Marketing.

This year I attended SMX Advanced and after the conference was over, I came back to the office with several pages of notes and thoughts. All of this information makes it difficult to list just a few of the conference's highlights, but here are five quick key takeaways:
  • During the You & A with Matt Cutts (head of the webspam team at Google) keynote presentation, Danny Sullivan (Founding Editor, Marketing Land and Search Engine Lane) asked Cutts to describe the future of search in one word, and Cutts answered, “Quality.”
  • Use your brand's Social Media to build brand awareness and nurture relationships, because relationships can't be automated!
  • Social Media changes, such as Facebook story bumping and recent algorithm updates, have proved that quality content > quantity of content. Quality is in the eye of the beholder, but content must be resourceful and interesting to make your visitors want to read and share it.
  • SEO is placing an emphasis on Search Experience Optimization. Now more than ever websites must be optimized to provide a good experience for the user.
  • Mobile is on the rise and is outpacing desktop. It’s important for your mobile site to provide an excellent UX, user experience, by optimizing it for things like fast page speed and not including flash, pop ups, sideways scrolling or tiny buttons.
Cutts (left) and Sullivan (right) during the You & A with Matt Cutts keynote.

It's clear that Online Marketing is a continuously growing and changing industry. The E-Power team attends conferences like SMX Advanced to keep up with these frequent changes so we can create successful Online Marketing programs for our clients. Are you looking to improve your brand's online visibility? Contact us today to learn more about the ways you could benefit from a partnership with E-Power! 

Author Bio: 
Molly Frederick – Assistant Manager, SEO and Social Media
I graduated from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh with a bachelor's degree in journalism with an emphasis in public relations. I've been a part of the E-Power Marketing team since 2011, focusing on Organic Search, Social Media, Content Strategy and Branding. I have earned certifications though SEO College and Google Analytics. I enjoy researching the Online Marketing industry and keeping up with the frequent changes to help clients achieve online success! Follow me on Google+

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