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Wednesday, May 20, 2015


At E-Power Marketing, we love creating unique, engaging content for our clients. From blog posts to landing pages, our team of Content Marketing specialists know what it takes to write content that people will care about. The question is: how do we ensure that those people are going to find it? Below, I’ve come up with a few reasons why paving a path for your content is essential to your overall Online Marketing strategy, as well as some notions that E-Power considers when deciding what path is right for a client’s treasured content.

Why it matters
According to the Content Marketing Institute, 60% of the most effective B2C marketers have a documented content strategy, while 72% are producing more content now than they were one year ago. It’s clear that creating unique content is alive and well, but creating content isn’t enough –there must be a clear, calculated path. In a 2014 survey of B2B and B2C online marketers by Contently, 50% of respondents surveyed expressed a desire to be able to measure the amount of attention that people are paying to their content. Marketers must focus on the ways in which content will be distributed in order to better optimize and analyze customer engagement.

Deciding on a Path
You’ve created something that you know your target audience will want to engage with – now what? Content Marketing refers to the ways and locations in which marketers publicize and share their specialized content to their target audiences. At E-Power, our team of Content Marketing professionals looks at the resources available, the purpose of the content, and where the target audience is located to decide which Content Marketing path is going to get the most beneficial engagement for the client.

Content Marketing should be a major facet of your overall Online Marketing strategy; if not, contact the professionals at E-Power Marketing today. We’ll work with you to develop a Content Marketing strategy that makes the most sense to your brand and target audience. Don’t let great writing go unnoticed; make Content Marketing a priority for your business.

Author Bio:
Ryan J. Sweeney - Account Specialist, Online Marketing
I started at E-Power Marketing in September 2014 as an Online Marketing Intern, and have focused on content creation, social media marketing and branding for our clients ever since. I recently graduated from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, where I studied Public Relations and Creative Writing, and now work full time as an Account Specialist. I have a background in event planning, graphic design, customer service, and content development. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn, or Tweet at me!

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The newest Google AdWords ad formats discussed in last week's blog post provide the resources and tools that advertisers need in order to address consumers during "micro-moments", where they expect the right information, right away. This has drastically changed the advertising playing field, making it more complex than ever.

As Google AdWords continues to expand and enhance their advertising platform, effectively managing and optimizing campaigns has become increasingly more difficult. Google continues to explore ways to help streamline ad management by implementing automation tools that make advertising programs more manageable, and in-turn more successful.

As a continuation of our Step Inside AdWords Blog Series, today we're looking closer at some of the scaling and automation features unveiled during this year's AdWords livestream.
  • Improved Dynamic Search Ads: This ad function triggers your ads based on your website's content, not based on keywords like a traditional search campaign. Google uses the organic search index of your website to determine searches that are relevant to your business. While these types of ads have been around for quite some time, Google is rolling out several enhancements to make them easier to manage and control.

  • As mentioned during the livestream, as many as 15% of Google searches are unique and have never been searched before, making keyword targeting a challenge. Google's enhancements to dynamic search ads will make it easier for advertisers to target those unique searches. The updates include recommended category targets, suggested max CPCs for each category and more transparent insight into how dynamic search ads will appear on the results page. Might this be the beginning of the end of keyword targeting? Stay tuned!

  • Auto Resizing: Say so long to the days of creating 10+ different banner ads sizes for your display campaigns! This announcement was long overdue, and for me, the most exciting of the livestream! With Google's new resizing functionality, you will only need to upload three standard ad sizes and Google will resize those versions to fit 95% of the inventory across the Display Network. This will be an incredible time and resource saver for advertisers and graphic designers.

  • Automated Bidding: An enhanced automated bidding reporting dashboard will be rolling out to give advertisers more insight into the performance of their bid strategies over time. With that, a new cost-per-acquisition bid simulation report will also be rolling out, which will allow advertisers to simulate bids and performance for different CPA goals on both search and display networks.
These features will be slowly rolling out over the next several months, with availability to all advertisers expected by the end of 2015. As Google works to make Google AdWords a more effective advertising platform, they're asking advertisers to hand over more control by utilizing these automation features. The key will be to find and implement the right set of tools and features that will make your programs more successful. Even with the best automation, hands-on management and testing will always be the most important components of a successful advertising program.

Check back next week for the final post in our Step Inside AdWords Blog Series.

Missed last week's post? Check out the new ad formats announced during the livestream here.

Author Bio
Ellie Burgau - Manager, Online Advertising
As the manager of Online Advertising at E-Power Marketing, I specialize in the areas of Pay Per Click Advertising, Remarketing, Conversion Rate Optimization and Web Analytics. By utilizing several areas of Online Advertising, I am able to help clients increase their online visibility, boost profits, and build their brand image. Since 2011, I have been working clients to develop and implement successful Online Marketing programs that deliver positive results. I am certified in Search and Display Advertising with Google AdWords and am a Google Analytics Qualified Individual. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh with a Bachelor of Business Administration, majoring in Marketing and emphasizing in Web Presence Management. Connect with me on LinkedIn.

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According to Salesforce Marketing Cloud's State of Marketing Survey for 2015, three of the top five areas for increased spending by marketers this year relate to Social Media. These areas included Social Media advertising, marketing and engagement. Social Media Marketing may seem simple, but there's much more to your brand being successful than a Facebook post here and a Tweet there.

With more brands turning to digital channels for advertising and marketing, it's important to up your efforts so you can stand out in the crowd, and a great way to do this is to partner with an experienced Social Media team. Whether you don't have time to create content, your advertising campaigns haven't been performing well or you'd just like to let the experts handle your accounts, partnering with a team dedicated to your Social success will help give your brand an edge over the competition.

With 302 million monthly active Twitter users and 1.44 billion people on Facebook each month, it's easy for content to quickly be buried. Combining high volumes of content with ever-changing Social changes, such as Facebook's latest algorithm update, can make it seem like it's impossible for your content reach your fans or get any engagements. A solution for combating content overload is Social Media advertising. It can be easy to quickly spend money on Social ads, but we take the time to create ads on the right channels and with the most fitting objective so you get the biggest bang for your buck.

We believe the first step to Social Media Marketing success is ensuring your brand is on the channel or channels that your target audience is on. All too often brands jump on the bandwagon as soon as a new Social channel is introduced without thinking about whether or not their audience will be on that channel. There is no use spending time and resources to create great content for certain Social channels if your message won't be reaching the right people. Whether your brand is new to the world of Social Marketing or you simply aren't getting what you'd like out of your efforts, our team is here to partner with you. We'll provide you with creative ways to align your brand's other messaging and campaigns with your Social Media efforts.

Creating pages and profiles for your brand is a commitment. When your brand has a Social presence, your fan-base expects you to regularly share engaging and relevant content. In addition to keeping your Social pages active with content, it's important to monitor them for any questions or comments from fans. In today's fast-paced, always-connected world your brand can't afford to leave questions and complaints unanswered. After all, it's not called anti-Social Media for a reason! Let our team help you put the 'social' in 'Social Media!' We'll provide you with another set of eyes to watch over your channels as well as our expertise in engaging with your followers so they get the positive experience with your brand that they deserve.