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E-Power team members Larry Stopa, Adrian Bredeson and Ellie Burgau are excited to be attending the 2015 International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago, IL from March 7 – 10. Returning to the Show for the fourth year, we are happy to be staffing the Digital Marketing Center in the Grand Concourse Lobby again at this year’s Show!

The team will be offering Online Marketing consults to discuss any questions or concerns you have with your brand’s Online Marketing strategy. Whether you don’t know where to start, or aren't seeing the results you want, we can help. From SEO to Online Advertising to Content Marketing and beyond, our team has the experience to help brands of all shapes and sizes succeed online!

We will also be working with IHA members to optimize their HousewaresConnect365 Company Profiles. Capitalizing on this valuable online real estate from the IHA is important, and we see too many brands not taking advantage of these listings! Your brand can leverage the millions of page views from hundreds of thousands of visitors every year that the IHA website receives, and we can help!

Reserve your time with our team by setting up your free consultation today! Send your name, brand website and what topics you’re looking to discuss to consulting@epower.com and we’ll be in touch to schedule your session, or just stop by and see us while you're at the Show!


Thursday, February 26, 2015


Google recently announced that Google Analytics users will now be able to enable Remarketing features with just the click of a button. This is exciting news for Online Marketing agencies, in-house managers and web developers alike!

For those not familiar with Remarketing, it's is a powerful way to reconnect with past website visitors by displaying relevant banner ads on other websites as those visitors browse the web. The banner ads are designed to keep your brand at top of mind and encourage past website visitors to return to your website and take action.
Previously, in order to take advantage of Remarketing, additional code needed to be added to your website or your Google Analytics code had to be modified across all pages. This caused hurdles for many advertisers and was possibly the biggest roadblock when attempting to put together a Remarketing campaign. According to Google, only 1 in 5 remarketers successfully completed their setup using these methods. At E-Power, we have worked with a number of clients that were unable to launch a productive Remarketing account on their own. While we had the technical expertise to launch the programs in the past, with Google's latest update, marketers can enable Remarketing in just a few simple steps all without ever having to touch their website's code.

Want to remarket to visitors who abandoned their shopping cart? No problem!

Interested in promoting a free demo to those who recently downloaded your white paper? You're covered!

Looking to increase repeat buyers or introduce new products to previous customers? Piece of cake!

If code changes were holding you back from previously implementing Remarketing, now you have no excuses!

With that being said, enabling Remarketing features is just the first step in building a successful program. Properly segmenting lists, creating strong banner ads and developing effective Landing Pages are all crucial components of a well-oiled Remarketing campaign. When you're ready to get serious results from your Remarketing campaign, let us know! We'd love to help you develop a custom strategy for your website. Contact us to get started.

Author Bio
Ellie Burgau - Manager, Online Advertising
As the manager of Online Advertising at E-Power Marketing, I specialize in the areas of Pay Per Click Advertising, Remarketing, Conversion Rate Optimization and Web Analytics. By utilizing several areas of Online Advertising, I am able to help clients increase their online visibility, boost profits, and build their brand image. Since 2011, I have been working clients to develop and implement successful Online Marketing programs that deliver positive results. I am certified in Search and Display Advertising with Google AdWords and am a Google Analytics Qualified Individual. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh with a Bachelor of Business Administration, majoring in Marketing and emphasizing in Web Presence Management. Connect with me on LinkedIn.

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I love writing, I love communicating in general, really, but creating content for E-Power Marketing and our clients is a real passion of mine. Recently, I attended a networking event here in Oshkosh. I was struck by the similarities between Content Marketing principles and the people I was meeting and talking to at the networking event. Think of the Internet as your own personal networking party, and your brand’s content as the conversations you have with industry partners, your existing clients, potential customers, and more. Your content goes beyond the words on your website, and a successful Content Marketing strategy can elevate your brand, so that your brand is the one everyone wants to talk to. Learn from the mistakes of the people you avoid in social settings and make sure your brand’s content is getting the job done. Take a look at your brand’s content across all of your channels, are you guilty of being any of these party-goers?

  • The one who likes to hear themself talk - Imagine you’re at a party and you’re stuck talking to the person who just likes to listen to their own voice. You know all about their upcoming vacation plans, their favorite restaurants, their problems with the venue, their cat Sugar, their other cat Spice… You’re bored, uncomfortable and probably not paying attention. It’s important to know when to stop talking, or at least when to refocus the conversation. The same principle holds true for content development.
    • Content Marketing Lesson - You cannot create or publish content just for the sake of publishing content, it needs to be interesting.

  • The one trying to sell you tires at a technology talk – They are clearly there to sell to anyone and everyone, with no regards to the point of the event or the focus of the group gathered. Getting hit with sales pitch after sales pitch gets old fast. If you were looking for new tires, you’d love to hear this pitch, but at a party where you’re looking to network and get more information on the technology that will help your business run more efficiently, you don’t want to hear it.
    • Content Marketing Lesson - Sales focused content is great, but how and where you distribute that content is important. Not all content is appropriate for all channels.

  • The one who cannot adapt – It’s easy to spot someone who is so focused on their agenda, they cannot adjust when the conversation changes course. You know the person, when you’re talking to someone at a party, and a new topic is introduced, do they listen and add value to the new conversation, or do they wait for the chance to steer the conversation back to what they want it to be about?
    • Content Marketing Lesson - Things happen quickly online, and it’s important that you can adapt your content to different audiences and new situations. Your content needs to be focused, but that focus should take aim at your subject’s intent. Talk about what your target audience wants to hear about, not what you want them to hear about.

Whether I’m writing for websites, Facebook, offline marketing materials, Twitter or any other application, I am always striving to create content in the voice of the brand I’m writing for, that is relevant, purposeful and effective. I want to produce the content that is going to gather an online crowd. I don’t want potential customers or website visitors to exit a website or unfollow a Facebook page because content is forced or uninteresting, just like at a party you don’t want to be the one everyone is avoiding eye contact with, or making up excuses to get away from. Do you think your Content Marketing strategy could use some help? Contact E-Power Marketing today for some fresh perspective and new ideas for generating better content that gets results.

Author Bio:
Adrian Bredeson - Director, SEO and Social Media
I am an experienced Online Marketing specialist with a background in Public Relations, Psychology, and Organizational Communications. As Director, SEO and Social Media at E-Power Marketing, I specialize in organic Online Marketing and Social Media, as well as Branding, Content Strategy and Local Search Marketing. I am committed to working with and for my clients to achieve long lasting digital success. Since 2008, I have been part of the E-Power team, strategizing and implementing integrated Online Marketing programs that drive real results. I have earned certifications through both SEO College and Google Analytics. Connect with me on LinkedIn