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Thursday, February 15, 2007


Inside AdWords: Quality Score updates

Google announced today that it is planning on updating its Google AdWords Quality Score. The new Quality Score update will give an even bigger advantage to well designed ads that create better response. If you have a high quality ad (according to Google) you will be rewarded with lower cost per clicks. If you have a low quality ad (again according to Google) you will pay a higher cost per click.

How Do I Know If I Have Poor Ads?

  1. If your cost per click for any particular key word / phrase continues to increase
  2. Your key word / phrase has recently been deactivated
  3. Your ad rank continues to decrease

What do I do about it?

Google is implementing a new Quality Score column within the AdWords interface. This new column will label keywords within an AdGroup as Great, OK, or Poor quality. To see this column you will have to opt in by clicking the "Customize Columns" in one of your AdGroups.

Improving Your Ads

If you see that Google has labeled your ad as poor, your cost per click has been raised, or your key word / phrase has been deactivated or you are just not receiving a positive ROI, then you need to take several steps to optimize your campaigns.

  1. Are you targeting the right keywords for your industry?
  2. Are you targeting the right regions?
  3. Do you have compelling ad copy?
  4. Do you have a well designed landing page?

If you are having trouble getting a positive ROI with your Google AdWords campaign or you are confused about the updates to the Google Quality Score, contact a professional who can help you with PPC Management and Optimization.