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E-Power Marketing is an established Search Engine Marketing agency. We grew through the recession because of our long-term client relationships. Our success comes from our effectiveness building search visibility.

We seek a Business Development Director to leverage our SEM, SEO, PPC and social media marketing effectiveness into stronger agency growth. You will take charge of sales and marketing to develop new business via phone, email, the Web and GoToMeeting presentations. You will work out of our sunny Oshkosh, Wisconsin offices where you will find an open and supportive atmosphere with a team that enjoys working together.

Our target market is businesses committed to online marketing that seek more effective results. You are responsible to for identifying these businesses and their decision-makers, learn what you can about their current activities, discover what objectives they seek, then work with the E-Power Marketing team to devise strategies to achieve those objectives.

Specific attributes we look for in a Business Development Director:
• Self reliant and independent
• Self confident
• Ego-drive: gain satisfaction from getting others to do what you want them to do
• Goal-oriented
• Self-motivated
• Competitive with a will to win
• Moderate to high level of tech savvy
• Appreciation for and willingness to adhere to a basic sales process
• Stick-to-it-iveness: do not take no for an answer
• Do not take “no” personally
• Ambitious
• Able to show empathy
• Written and oral communications skills

Enjoy selling online marketing services with clear competitive advantages and strong market demand. The right person will easily earn six figures.

Are you a new business professional who seeks a career in an environment that is enriching both in compensation and in the business environment? Then send larry@epower.com an email describing why you believe search engine marketing is of strategic importance to businesses today.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Awhile back I wrote a Blog post titled "Baseball and SEO Have More in Common Than You Think" with thoughts of another Yankees championship filling my mind on Opening Day. Today since my co-workers and I are going to see The Hunger Games movie tonight and all the characters are engraved in my mind, why not relate Search Engine Optimization to The Hunger Games? Enjoy the show!

Cast & Crew

The driving force to obtain organic search engine visibility is SEO. Without an optimized Website, all the other factors can only take you so far, just as without Katniss, there really is no excitement in The Hunger Games. The whole story revolves around Katniss just as organic search visibility revolves around SEO.

Just as in the Games, SEO Katniss can only take your search visibility success so far. Add Peeta, Social Media, to the Games and you can achieve even better results. Peeta is the attention grabber, a complimentary force to SEO. Social Media brings light to your SEO and content.

No matter how great your SEO, Social Media strategies, Paid Marketing, etc., without a great looking Website, results will be limited. So you must bring in Cinna, the Web Designer. Though he may not be the expert on the Games (or SEO for that matter), Web Designers can make your Website attractive and appealing - allowing you to win the hearts of your online audience, much like Cinna did for Katniss.

Prim is the delicate sister who launches the whole story. There is no other part for her to play except for Links. If your Website does not have a link to it or links within itself, you will have limited success in being found. Links are the building block in which SEO begins.

Gale is constantly on Katniss SEO's mind. What would Gale do? I wish Gale was here… So of course, Gale is a search marketer's thoughts and questions regarding Local and Personalization. Though not one of the top players yet, the future of online marketing and The Hunger Games trilogy hold a much more prominent role for Gale.

Rue can be none other than the Title Tag. She is often overlooked by other players, yet a crucial factor in the game. Remaining almost invisible to others in the tops of trees, just as the Title Tag goes un-noticed by most visitors at the top of the Web browser, Rue is critical to surviving the organic search wars. Though the Title Tag won't help you send the TrackerJackers after your opponents, it will lead you to gaining an advantage in organic search visibility.

Careers and Cato
Who else can play the part of the Google Panda update than the Careers and Cato. Cato and his allies target and kill off the weaklings just as Panda did to poor quality Websites; however they are no match for Katniss and Websites that have obtained their authoritative trust through proper SEO.

Caesar Flickerman
Blogging is one method to give the world a look inside yourself or your organization. Caesar gives the world a personal interview of each of the tributes in an entertaining and creative way, just as you should with your Blog. Just as Caesar was able to give the audience a more personal, intimate look at each of the Tributes, you should be using your Blog to give your potential customers a more human glimpse into your brand.

Effie was by far the easiest character to relate to search engine marketing. Who makes sure everyone is where they are supposed to be, checks that everything is in order, keeps the team in line? The Account Lead of course! Every successful SEO campaign has a qualified, dedicated Account Lead to keep all of the pieces of the puzzle organized and working together. SEO is a complicated industry, and it takes a strong Account Lead to deliver top search results!

Matt Cutts' is the Haymitch (in my opinion) of the SEM industry. No, Matt Cutts' is not a drunk as far as I know, however he knows much more than he reveals. Matt Cutts provides little hints as to what Google's algorithm or latest updates may include, just as Haymitch tells Katniss and Peeta just enough to get them on the right path, and then they have to figure it out themselves.

You can't have an SEO storyline without mentioning the Black Hats of the industry. The Black Hats sneak their way into search visibility and gain what appears to be success in the short term with unethical methods. However their time is limited as eventually they become victims of their own games.

The Capitol
The Capitol ultimately controls the Hunger Games and acts as they please. So Google and Bing are the perfect fit for this role. The motivation and inspiration for all SEO campaigns and the driving force of the Hunger Games themselves, these power houses demand respect and keep the order.

So there you have it. The Hunger Games of SEO. As twisted as it is, the concept does fit. Just as the players continue to evolve into various roles within the books' story lines, each factor of Search Engine Optimization evolves into a different role as well. Whether it be gaining importance such as Social Media or taking a whole new approach with personalization, all are at the mercy of the Capitol! As Director of Search Engine Marketing here at E-Power Marketing, I'd like to channel Effie for a moment, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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The Boston Consulting Group released survey findings that show Americans have changed their priorities. Sex has long been at or near the top of the list of must-do American activities. Of course, sex and booze often go together. But the Internet has changed all that.

What does this mean for our nation? How will the new American attitude change our economic engine?

Even Chocolate Can’t Compete with the Internet

The survey asked what Americans would give up for a year in order to maintain access to the Internet, 77% said they'd give up chocolate, 73% alcohol, 69% coffee and incredibly 21% said they would go a whole year without sex. This must mean YouTube is really that good.

Dominic Field, partner at Boston Consulting Group and author of "The Connected World: The $4.2 Trillion Opportunity" believe the Internet offers incredible economic opportunities.

“The Internet contributed $648 billion to the U.S. economy in 2010, or 4.7% of GDP; more than in any other country. To put that in perspective, the Internet economy is the eighth-largest sector in the U.S. and ahead of the Federal Government. Today, the Internet economy is growing at 6.5% a year in the U.S., one reason BCG believes this sector could eventually help propel the country out of recession.

“In the past, amenities like alcohol, chocolate and (certainly) sex were considered 'recession-proof' -- but none of them had the power to boost the economy like the Internet. It really is a 'new era', after all,” writes Field.

Your Next Move: Drink Heavily or Use the Internet to Improve Your Business Success?

The 21st Century, a.k.a. ”The Internet Century,” is well underway. How well are you taking advantage of the Internet’s opportunities? Are you gaining the sales via online marketing that you should, or what your competitors are garnering?

Even if you sell chocolate you need the Internet because Americans still have needs beyond Internet access, if they could only pull themselves away long enough from Facebook to realize that.

I guess it was intuitive of E-Power Marketing to give chocolate-covered Door County cherries to our clients and staff as Holiday gifts. I know they still have a life that goes beyond the Internet. I don’t want them to think they have to give up chocolate for the Internet. You can have it both ways.

Now get out there and do some effective Search Engine Marketing!

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012


By: Molly Guendert
With Larry Stopa

Business people often don't comprehend Twitter. They think that all it has to offer is the 140 characters to update followers in a Tweet. They fail to recognize that Twitter, when used for business, becomes a whole new way to interact and connect with customers.

A November 2011 article from All Twitter showed that 81% of small businesses are using social media, with 60% using Twitter. You might be wondering, "How does Twitter benefit these businesses?" There are many answers to that question.

Connect with customers

Twitter is an effective means for businesses to quickly and directly connect with their customers and prospects. If they ask questions, it is simple to type back a quick response. This will benefit your business for two reasons:

1. Replies on Twitter are a personal way for businesses to interact with their customers. Customers appreciate direct interaction. Tweeting often with your customers is a great way to earn their respect.

2. Quickly replying to your followers' questions is a great way to establish credibility and potentially gain new customers. Customers don't like to wait for answers. Twitter's capability to instantly reply to anyone, anywhere in the world is a great benefit.

Twitter also allows you to ask them questions, which is equally as important. Businesses consistently seek customer feedback. Asking questions on Twitter is a great way to get it. Some effective questions for your business to ask on Twitter might be:

1. What could we do to make our products better?
2. What would you like to see from us in the future?
3. Are you getting everything you need from our business?

Customer service tool
Twitter it is uncommonly effective as a customer service tool. Think about the old days of having to wait on hold for what seemed like forever while you wait for a customer service representative to pick up the phone. Now businesses can use Twitter to instantaneously reply to their customers' inquiries or problems.

Small issues might be resolved with a single Tweet. But bigger problems might require the brand to start a deeper conversation with the customer via direct messaging. Things that make people happy, such as good customer service, is what gets talked about which could help give your brand more attention. Twitter is a viral platform that can make one happy customer into a trending topic or even an international story. To top it all off, this quick and easy form of customer service is free!

Let your followers market for you
Twitter is an opportunity for businesses to let their customers do the marketing for them. A good way for this to happen is by offering incentives. A great example of a brand that uses their Social Media followers to get their name known is Tasti D-Lite.

Tasti D-Lite has a rewards program where customers earn points each time a cashier swipes their card. Customers can earn even more points if they link the rewards card to their social profiles. When their cards are swiped, they receive a message like "I just earned 5 TastiRewards points at Tasti D-Lite Columbus Circle, NYC!" that is automatically sent to the customer's Facebook and Twitter pages. The automated posts often include a link to a coupon, so a patron's loyalty generates a benefit to his or her entire network.

Incentive programs like Tasti D-Lite's benefits both customers, since they get more rewards points and coupons, and the business since everyone on the customers' Facebook and Twitter feeds will see a post and coupon from Tasti D-Lite, which could possibly generate new business. Check out details on Tasti D-Lite's Social Media success.

Can benefit your business' search ranking
Twitter can benefit your business' search engine rankings because major search engines, including Google and Bing, now use Twitter's social signals as one of the factors that influence their search results. Social signals involve content such as Facebook Likes and Tweets to be included in search engine results.

Link Building Opportunities
Twitter is also the perfect site to help your business build links. Many times Google is used to find linking opportunities which leaves websites like Twitter overlooked, but Twitter supports the advanced search queries that Google does. Some of the ways Twitter can be used for link building include:

1. Contests: If your business is holding a contest, this is a great opportunity to get links. Search for a business in your industry that is having a contest and use a tool like Open Site Explorer to find sites that are linking to the contest. After that, you can reach out to those sites to see if they would be willing to link to your contest.

2. Staying Current: Though you probably already know what is going on in your industry and specific business, Twitter can be a helpful tool to keep you as updated as possible. Searching Twitter can help your business tap in to what's trending, such as keywords and top Tweeters in your area. Knowing this information and
staying connected with customers can help create more link building opportunities.

3. Guest Blogging: Writing your own content on someone else's blog can be advantageous in many ways: your business can connect with a new audience and blog owners will usually promote your guest blog on their social marketing accounts which link back to your website and social accounts, including Twitter. This helps build links as well as boosts your business' SEO.

When used effectively, Twitter is a great tool for businesses. It's quick, easy and free. It puts many business necessities, such as customer service, in one place. Social sites aren't going anywhere, so make sure your business takes advantage of Twitter if it hasn't already!