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Last week Google announced some major changes to the Google AdWords keyword match types. Starting in mid-May, exact match and phrase match keywords will trigger ads to show for search terms that are close variants, including: singular and plural forms, misspellings, abbreviations and other similar key phrases.

For example, in the past, if your AdWords program was targeting the key phrase "Search Engine Marketing", your ad would only appear if those 3 words were searched in that exact order with that exact spelling. The phrases "Search Engine Marketer" or "Serch Engine Marketing" would not trigger your ad. With Google's new adjustments to matching options, your ad will now be eligible to appear for those phrase variations.

According to Google, 7% of search queries contain some type of misspelling; therefore, AdWords campaigns that utilize exact and phrase match options may be missing out on valuable impressions. The new match type adjustments will help eliminate or reduce those missed opportunities! Google has been testing out the changes with a few advertisers and most have seen very positive results; increasing clicks by an average of 3%.

So how will these new changes affect your Google AdWords program? The matching options will likely eliminate the need to seed though Search Terms Reports looking for misspellings and phrase variations to add to your keyword list, saving you a lot of time. If your program contains several phrase and exact match keywords, you'll likely see an increase in impressions and clicks. Whereas programs that focus primarily on broad match keywords and have very few exact or phrase match keywords won't notice a significant difference in results.

If you'd rather keep your account as-is and don't want your ads to be triggered by search queries that contain phrase variations, Google is giving AdWords users the option to opt out by simply changing your advanced settings. Advertisers that have already spent time building campaigns that contain verb stems, misspellings, plurals and other phrase variations will likely choose to opt out to maintain close control of their programs.

Some have argued that these match type changes are simply a way for Google to bring in more advertising money, others are excited about the opportunities the new changes may bring. What are your thoughts on the new matching options? Will you be opting out of the new feature or using it to your advantage?


Wednesday, April 11, 2012
Google+ Gets a New Look!


Google+ is unveiling their redesign, with some users already seeing the updated look on their profiles. Today’s updates to the social sharing site make images and videos larger and allow users to customize the navigation, among other changes. While Google claims these changes have been brought about to create a "simpler, more beautiful Google", many people believe it is an effort to look like the more popular social network, Facebook. Distinguishing Google+ from Facebook is the integration of Google search with the other social sharing capabilities.

Restructuring and minimalism seem to be the biggest goals of the Google+ redesign, which should be available to all users within a few days. Some of the changes are unique to Google+, while others seem to mimic Facebook’s latest Timeline and News Feed updates. Here’s a quick rundown of the changes you can expect:

  • Large banner-like images on Google+ profiles

  • All navigation has been moved to the left-hand side in the new "navigation ribbon"

  • Google chat lists will appear on the right-hand side of your feed (much like the Facebook sidebar).

  • "Hangouts" will get a dedicated page and more visibility.

  • A rotating banner with popular hangouts, tips from Google pros and other top information will be included.

  • Photo albums pop up when you hover over any of the photos in a feed. Photo and video sizes will also be increased to take up your news stream.

  • Exclusive YouTube sharing privileges will be given on Google+.

  • Users will see a dedicated page with trend spotlights and a new "Explore" function that lets you discover the top Google+ topics without doing a specific search, think the Twitter "trending" functionality.

While many people thing that Google+ was created to compete with Facebook, there’s more to it than that. Facebook leads the way in terms of social networking, and Google knows it. This Google+ redesign reinforces the belief that Google+ is looking to go beyond social networking, and is attempting to integrate the users’ online experience. Tying search, photo, video and social functionalities together in an unassuming, sleek way. Have you been given access to the new Google+ design yet? What are your thoughts on the network and the new look?



E-Power Marketing is proud to announce four team members have earned Google Analytics Individual Qualification Certifications. Upon completing the online coursework and proof-of-proficiency test, these individuals are certified through Google:

While Google Analytics is simple to install and operate, it is much more beneficial when employed by experienced, knowledgeable individuals. From content reports to marketing campaign analysis, Google Analytics is a powerful analysis tool. Applying the data available through Google Analytics to a brand’s Website can help professionals make better business decisions and improve their online visibility. Brands of all sizes have seen the following benefits from Google Analytics:

  • Increased sales conversions
  • Improved Website usability
  • Greater lead generation rates
  • Enhanced AdWords campaigns
  • Amplified Traffic
  • Superior Website optimization
  • Refined sales funnels and visitor analysis
  • Advanced analysis and tracking of online sales
  • Sophisticated understanding of visitor behavior

Google Analytics Individual Qualification Certifications ensures that these E-Power Marketing team members understand and have demonstrated proficiency in the Google Analytics program. To make the most of these certifications, E-Power Marketing is offering a free Google Analytics Audit. Within this audit, E-Power will confirm that Google Analytics is properly implemented as well as check for additional advanced tracking opportunities that are absent. Contact E-Power Marketing today for more information on our free Google Analytics audits and how the E-Power Search Engine Marketing team can put their Google Analytics training and certifications to work for your Website.