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3 Ways to Revamp Your Housewares Omni-Channel Retail Strategy

Hannah Jean
by Hannah Jean on Oct 18, 2016 8:30:00 AM

As a housewares manufacturer, you have a lot on your mind in terms of getting your products to consumers. How do you get your brand in front of new consumers? How do you keep your current customers? How do you get retailers to buy from you? The list goes on and on. It can be hard to stay in the loop with effective marketing strategies that you should be using. We’ve put together a few online marketing tactics for housewares manufacturer brands to consider incorporating into their omni-channel retail strategies to increase sales with consumers and retailers. If you are a housewares brand without a brick-and-mortar location or you don’t sell your products online, you might be wondering, “How does this apply to me?” or “Why should I be doing this?” Think about how retailers choose their inventory. If your brand is in high demand in existing and potential retailers because of your efforts online, you have the potential to get new business from retailers purchasing your brand for their stores, as well as consumers directly seeking you out. Now, let’s dive into some tips!


Use website content to provide answers to consumer pain points. When you develop website content and blog posts around your target consumers’ pain points and interests, you present your brand as knowledgeable and engaged. The benefit in organic rankings doesn’t hurt either.

So what kind of content should you be creating? If you are looking to attract new users to your website, think about the types of questions they might be asking as they search for products related to yours. Somebody who may potentially be in the market for a new kitchen trash can might search for things like “best kitchen trash can” or “stainless steel versus plastic trash cans”. In fact, they might even be doing these searches in-store as they’re shopping! Generate content around these questions and any pain points your target audience might be experiencing, and make sure that content is optimized for search engines so that you are making yourself visible to search engines.

Think outside the box as well. What kind of content might your audience enjoy reading that doesn’t necessarily directly relate to your products? A cookware manufacturer might produce blog posts with recipes and dinner party ideas. These blog posts then link to related products that you sell.

To keep consumers engaged with your brand once they’ve visited your website, provide them a next step such as signing up for coupons and promotions. You might ask them to sign up for your email newsletter or show them directions to your nearest brick-and-mortar store. Think about what would logically make sense as the next step.

Did you know that smartphones accounted for almost 30% of ecommerce traffic in Q3 of 2015? With this much traffic coming to your website via smartphones, it’s crucial to provide a good experience on mobile devices and tablets as well as desktop/laptop computers. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly!


Use social media to visually appeal to your audience.

Social media is such an exciting platform for housewares brands to utilize in their marketing. You have visual products. Social media is highly visual. Use it to your advantage! Our social media specialist, Alli, wrote a great blog post on how images enhance your content marketing strategy where she stated that our brains register visuals 60,000 times faster than text. That really says something!

Use social media to promote the content on your website and show off your brand to users. Social advertising provides many opportunities to show highly targeted ads and content to exactly who you want to see it. If your target audience is married couples 24-35 who bought a house in the last 12 months, then you can target specific content to those users.

Social media is also an excellent platform for engaging with your audience, letting them know that your brand cares about them. Keep an eye on what users are not only saying about your brand, but your competitors and the industry in general as well. Use this research to turn these comments and concerns into meaningful conversations and action.

In terms of an omni-channel strategy, brands can use social media to provide in-store only coupons and promote your brick-and-mortar locations.


Use email marketing to keep bringing them back. Email marketing is great for all areas of the buyer's’ journey (as are the previous tips!), but this channel really provides brands the opportunity to reach out after a purchase to up sell on additional, related products or for product reviews. According to Internet Retailer, 70% of cookware shoppers read reviews before buying cookware. This makes reviews so important! Send customers a follow up email to their purchase asking them to review the product.


As I mentioned, you can also use email to up sell your other products. Let’s say that you have a list of users who purchased a 12-cup coffee system on your website, but you sell single-serve coffee tumbler attachments for on-the-go days. To generate interest in purchasing this attachment to their already purchased item, you can send targeted emails to these users who have already purchased the 12-cup system.

integrating your online and offline marketing e-bookThese three tips are just a few ways that you can revamp your omni-channel marketing strategy as a housewares manufacturer. There are many other ways to enhance your strategy to drive more sales online and offline!

Our free e-book, Integrating Your Online and Offline Marketing provides even more information on making sure your marketing strategy is inclusive of all marketing tactics.


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Hannah Jean
Written by Hannah Jean
Hannah Jean is an Online Advertising Specialist at E-Power Marketing and helps our clients grow their online brand and meet their business goals through targeted, productive online advertising programs. Inspired by both successes and challenges, Hannah is constantly striving to improve the performance and ROI of her accounts through creative, flexible programs.

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