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5 Reasons to Advertise on Social Media

Hannah Jean
by Hannah Jean on Aug 3, 2016 8:30:00 AM

There are many different platforms available for advertising. It can be hard to determine which ones are going to work for your brand. Social Media Advertising is something that’s grown a great deal in the past couple of years and a lot of people are still not sure if it’ll work for them. Check out these five great statistics below that will get you thinking about advertising on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and more!


Facebook accounts for one in every five minutes spent on mobile devices, and one in every six minutes on other devices. That’s a lot of time! There are over 50 million Facebook Pages taking advantage of this enormous amount of traffic. Are you one of them? With Facebook’s specific targeting capabilities, there are a lot of options. Do you want to target females using mobile devices who enjoy watching Grey’s Anatomy? How about users under 35 who just got married? You can do both and so much more.

Twitter users are three times as likely as Facebook users to follow a brand. While scrolling through their feeds to catch up with news, shows, and celebrities, 42% of users learn about new products and services in their feed. Twitter’s advertising capabilities puts your brand in front of the right audience seamlessly in their feed.

68% of Instagram users engage with brands regularly. Instagram continues to grow in popularity and with Facebook now in control, it continues to improve, most recently with Instagram Stories. Hootsuite says that Instagram has the highest per follower engagement rate and those followers are worth more than Facebook users. If you have a visual brand or industry like travel or hospitality, Instagram has a lot of opportunity for you.

Facebook users watch 100 million hours of video every day. That’s right. Every day. Video consumption is growing and growing, and your brand has a story to tell. Tell it with video and then reach your target audience on their mobile devices and computers.

Ad recall is 2.8 times higher on Instagram than Nielsen’s online advertising norms. That is pretty impressive and an exciting statistic for Instagram advertisers. We all know that visual advertising is becoming more and more important with video and images. Instagram even increased their video length from 15 seconds to a full minute. Think about the opportunity there!

Hopefully these statistics helped get your gears turning on how social advertising can benefit your brand online. There really are quite a few opportunities out there and social channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are not going away! Of course there are other options out there such as Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Snapchat, which has recently rolled out advertisements between users’ stories. Now, you need to decide what your first step will be. Which channel should you advertise on? What’s the best tone for your brand? These are tough decisions, but once you start to nail them down and get a strategy in place, you’ll begin to see why you should have started advertising on social a long time ago. If you're looking for expert advice on getting started with advetising on social media, contact one of our social media specialists or get a free online marketing consulatation below!

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All statistics in this blog post are from this sweet Hootsuite article.

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Hannah Jean
Written by Hannah Jean
Hannah Jean is an Online Advertising Specialist at E-Power Marketing and helps our clients grow their online brand and meet their business goals through targeted, productive online advertising programs. Inspired by both successes and challenges, Hannah is constantly striving to improve the performance and ROI of her accounts through creative, flexible programs.

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