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Using Sponsored Stories to Grow Your Facebook Fan Base

Posted by Ellie Gunville on Jan 4, 2012 11:51:00 AM

As the number of Facebook users continues to grow, more and more brands are flocking to this top Social Media site to interact with their audience. Establishing a strong presence and creating a large group of loyal fans on your brand’s Facebook Page takes time and effort. Luckily, Facebook has created tools that can help make both of these things a little bit easier.

Facebook’s Sponsored Stories can help increase brand exposure, bring new fans to a Page, and increase interaction with the brand. When someone “likes” a Facebook Page and becomes a fan of the brand a News Feed story is created for that person’s friends to see. Those News Feed stories often get buried in the clutter and are rarely noticed by others, offering little to no exposure for brands. Sponsored Stories help increase the visibility of News Feed stories by promoting them either to the right side of the page or to the Ticker in the upper right hand corner; making them more noticeable to Facebook users. Beginning in early 2012, Facebook will also introduce Sponsored Stories into News Feeds.

Sponsored Stories are only visible to the friends of your Facebook fans. When individuals see a Sponsored Story on Facebook it will appear as though their friend is endorsing or recommending a brand or business to them, making the individual more likely to take action and become a fan of the Page. Sponsored Stories make it easy for Facebook users to take immediate action by allowing them to "like" a Page directly from the ad, eliminating any abandonment that may occur between the ad and the Facebook Page.


Of course, none of this great exposure comes for free. Facebook charges for Sponsored Stories the same way they charge for other Facebook ads, either by number of clicks or impressions. According to Inside Facebook, a Facebook test showed that Sponsored Stories have 46% higher click-through-rate, 18% lower cost-per-fan, and 20% lower cost-per-click than Facebook’s standard advertisements.

Sponsored Stories aren't just available for Page likes. Stories can be generated for all types of user actions, including post likes and check-ins. Learn about all of the opportunities
within the Sponsored Story section on Facebook.


Facebook's Sponsored Stories are a great way to bring new fans to your Page and increase brand awareness. But remember, once you get them there it’s your job to keep them there. Without engaging content and consistent interaction, your fans won’t be fans for long!

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