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Highlight on Housewares: S'well Bottle on Social Media

E-Power Marketing
by E-Power Marketing on Sep 27, 2016 11:30:00 AM


There are two things that I love in life; being a consumer and hoarding an embarrassing amount of water bottles in my kitchen cabinets. I love following my favorite companies on their social accounts and I am always getting lost in my favorite branded content. When I think of a company who does social well, S'well is the first to come to mind.

A Visual Product Meets Visual Platforms

S'well's products feature vivid colors and patterns that make them stand out in a fun and appealing way. Their social platforms seamlessly integrate their visual products and brand personality that play up their pictorial appeal; Instagram and Snapchat. Utilizing lifestyle elements, adventures that spark wanderlust, and brilliant colorscapes, these two social platforms are a must follow if you want to see a strategy that's executed well in the housewares industry.New Call-to-action

Content That Wows

S'well utilizes Snapchat fairly consistently (follow them: swellbottle), which inspired me to highlight them as standout brand in the first place. They've nailed down content that captivates followers, which includes:

  • Remaining Authentic: S'well shares snippets throughout their days, which mostly consist of office culture or off-campus adventures to secret locations to shoot product campaigns and other content. S'well did a series called Inside the Bottle where they interviewed team members on their positions within the company which gave behind-the-scenes looks into logistics, creativity, and product design.
  • Being Timely: Their Snapchat stories are filled with Instagram-worthy dishes featuring good eats in NYC, funky street art, and lessons on making the perfect happy hour cocktail…just in time for the weekend, while keeping their products at top of mind.
  • Capitalizing on Buzzworthy Events: When S'well was first founded in 2009, it was meant to bring fashion to hydration. Basing their new product lines around the fashion industry's calendar, S'well capitalizes on buzzworthy events, like New York Fashion Week, to promote their product. Creating a pop-up store in NYC during fashion week, S'well shared people's real-time experience on Snapchat.

Campaigns That Coordinate

Instagram is a social platform that poses a lot of unique challenges from a branding perspective. Specifically, the platform's lack of active linking in posts makes it hard to drive website traffic and track efforts. Although they have recently launched updates, successfully integrating content on there can be tough.

S'well integrates traditional and digital marketing campaigns on Instagram. When they hit the streets of New York Fashion Week, they launched a campaign, #SwellStreetStyle, which received engagement from users on Instagram. They utilized their pop-up store, product, hashtag, and blog to successfully join the fashion week community and capitalize on the buzz that surrounded it.

Overall, S'well is a great example of a stand out brand on social media, not only for the housewares industry, but any. Utilizing social media best practices and a coordinated content marketing campaign, amongst other elements is a recipe for success for any brand.  

If your housewares brand is looking to successfully launch or elevate their social media marketing, E-Power has a team of online marketing specialists to grow, develop, and optimize your strategy! Contact us today for a free consultation and explore our case studies to learn more about our success in the housewares industry!

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integrating your online and offline marketing e-book


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