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Improve Your Local Search Visibility in 2017

Hannah Aime
by Hannah Aime on Dec 22, 2016 10:00:00 AM

A new year means a fresh start! If you haven't jumped on board with local search marketing yet, you should. With more and more searches having "near me" included in them and the use of the location feature on mobile devices affecting search, improving your local search visibility is extremely important. Here are a few tips to jump start your business's local search marketing in 2017!

Infographic121916TipsToImproveLocalSearchVisibility (2).png

If you have questions about local search marketing and what E-Power can do for you and your business, schedule a free consultation today!

Let's talk about your local search marketing!

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Hannah Aime
Written by Hannah Aime
Hannah Aime is an Online Marketing Specialist at E-Power, working to create meaningful, professional relationships with her clients, so that she is able to truly understand a brand’s goals in order to implement the most effective programs possible. Focused not only on attracting and engaging her clients' target audiences, Hannah goes further for her accounts, working to convert the traffic generated into meaningful fulfillment of her client's goals.

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